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Evaluate every claim and perform a detailed review of every policy in seconds.

Why risk professionals use Qumis

The Qumis Cortex AI engine was designed by lawyers to boost productivity and lower spend for risk professionals.

Enhanced accuracy

  • AI-enhanced workflows reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring more accurate policy review.
  • Find coverage limits, definitions, and similar claims without having to manually sort through files.
  • Reduce the chance of human error by enabling AI that checks everything.

Greater consistency

  • The Corpus provides relevant documents from the public court records.
  • Shared documentation across team members allows for matching outcomes, regardless of who’s working each claim.
  • Automatically sorted work enables seamless referencing in future reviews.

Advocate stronger

  • Shortcut through insurance complexities for your clients, saving headaches.
  • Build a case with relevant previous claims instantly supplied by the Cortex.
  • Immediately pull up tagged documents related to individual clients, strengthening your relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Qumis fully automate coverage analysis?

No. With Qumis, human intervention is always required. Qumis is an AI-powered knowledge platform designed to let you and your team access the right information needed to come to a decision, all without duplicative legal spending.

Do you train using my data?

No. The Cortex intelligence engine has been trained using insurance documents from the public court records. Our data strategy does not need or rely upon your data.

Whose documents can I access?

Your organization’s documents are only accessible by users within your organization. The Corpus is composed of these private documents plus public court filings and coverage documents.

What document formats can I upload?

Qumis currently supports PDFs. We are working toward expanding compatibility for additional file types and integrations into common document management and claims management systems.

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