Speed, accuracy, scale.
AI transforms complex risks.

Qumis is the only insurance AI that understands the actual language of your complex policies and claims to help you work smarter.

Supported by leading organizations

Engineered for claims teams, brokers, attorneys, and risk professionals

The Qumis Cortex AI engine was designed by lawyers to enable anybody to handle complex insurance policy review.

Decrease legal spend

Less outside counsel keeps your budget in-house. Significantly reduce law firm engagements with the power of assistive AI.

Faster placements

Organization-wide access to knowledge helps your team be the expert in the role, answer nuanced coverage questions faster, and close deals.

Decrease claims cycle time

Skip sifting through mountains of data. Qumis finds the needle in your haystack in record time—every time.

Unparalleled training

Train up new teammates into newer and more complex lines and policies. Anyone can chat with any policy and ask any questions.

Lower extra contractual risk

Greater accuracy and consistency means less bad faith litigation. Goodbye costly messes when things slip through the cracks.

Leverage market intelligence

The Qumis Corpus of documents is continually updated with new court filings, so competitors can’t keep any secrets.

Qumis dashboard

Qumis is building the future of complex risks

I am building the tool I always wish existed when I was a coverage attorney.
Our technology and solutions are going to transform how insurance professionals do their job. If you’re reading a policy, we will help.

Dan Schuleman
CEO & Co-Founder, Qumis

Qumis has incredible potential to increase claims efficiency and productivity.
I am excited to be an advisor and to bring this technology to the industry.

Scott Ottenheimer
Ret. VP, Claims Vendor Mgmt., Chubb

Qumis is creating a new category of AI enabled applications.
I’m thrilled to be building new solutions alongside Dan to drastically decrease time spent in manual tasks.

Shiv Sinha
CTO & Co-Founder, Qumis

Goodbye manual reviews.
Hello automation.

Qumis suite of smart tools help complex team automation claims review process.

Policy Chat

Ask the AI-powered Qumis Clerk any questions about policies and claims.

Policy Comparison

Compare policies in seconds and receive a detailed report.

Claim Coverage

Automatically find out if a policy covers a complaint

Precedent Search

Highlight any policy text, and Qumis instantly shows matching documents

Your documents are safe

Security is central to Qumis. Uploads to the Corpus stay confidential. Our cloud service provider is ISO27001, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certified. Our AI service provider is SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified. Qumis is working towards SOC 2 Type 2.

Start in minutes with full support

Qumis deploys fast. Our support works whenever you do, so assistance is always on-call.

Frequently asked questions

Does Qumis fully automate coverage analysis?

No. With Qumis, human intervention is always required. Qumis is an AI-powered knowledge platform designed to let you and your team access the right information needed to come to a decision, all without duplicative legal spending.

Do you train using my data?

No. The Cortex intelligence engine has been trained using insurance documents from the public court records. Our data strategy does not need or rely upon your data.

Whose documents can I access?

Your organization’s documents are only accessible by users within your organization. The Corpus is composed of these private documents plus public court filings and coverage documents.

What document formats can I upload?

Qumis currently supports PDFs. We are working toward expanding compatibility for additional file types and integrations into common document management and claims management systems.

Take your policy review to the next level