Complex risks require focusing on strategic decisions

Qumis harnesses the power of AI to empower insurance professionals to do what they do best: their job.

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Our Mission

Accelerate the business of insurance

Qumis brings insurance work into the modern era. Powered by a proprietary language model built on a custom database, your workflow will never be the same.

Our Vision

Create a world where insurance professionals can focus on what matters

No more backtracking. No more unnecessary billing. No more digging through emails, files, chats. Qumis lets you focus on your work—the real work.

Our Values

We build from core principles


We push the boundaries of what’s possible to create solutions that transform the lives of professionals for the better.


We embrace transparency and honesty, fostering genuine connection with our users and stakeholders.


We provide the best service at all levels, from an effortless application to 24/7 customer support.

Our leadership

Leaders with vision

Dan Schuleman, JD

Recovering insurance attorney turned entrepreneur. Original insurance nerd.

Shiv Sinha

Seasoned developer and executive intimately familiar with building tech for the enterprise.

Our partners

Join our team of visionaries and be a part of revolutionizing insurance knowledge work.

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