Leave manual review in the dust.

Qumis makes policy review done in a click.

Meet your new smart and fast assistant, the Qumis Clerk

Saves you hours

The Qumis Clerk handles time-consuming manual work, from researching to comparing and summarizing policy information.

Like seasoned lawyer

Thanks to our unique language model, the Qumis Clerk reads policies and documents with the precision of a seasoned lawyer.

Always accessible

The Qumis Clerk is always available to answer any questions and provide time-saving summaries.

Compare policies in seconds with law firm precision

Upload any policies

Simply upload the policies you want to compare, and Qumis AI-powered technology will handle the rest.

Detailed comparison report

Instantly receive a detailed comparison report summarizing the key differences between both policies.

Be a true coverage expert

No more painstaking manual comparisons prone to errors, oversights, and the need for double checks.

AI-powered claim coverage opinions in seconds

Upload fact documents

Begin by uploading both the policy and the fact documents you wish to compare.

Claim Coverage Report

Qumis instantly generates a comprehensive claim coverage report, providing all the relevant information and coverage analysis.

Prepare letters

The Qumis Clerk can then prepare you an 80% correct reservation of rights or coverage position letter for your claim.

AI-powered document matches, courtesy of Qumis AI

Just highlight

Highlight a section, and Qumis will find matching content from your documentation and our proprietary public court records.

You’re in control

Choose to filter by source, or with any combination. As always, Qumis keeps you in control and requires human intervention.

Time and money saved

You can search documents without running up a law firm’s hours, saving time and money.

Built by lawyers, for everyone

Qumis took a lawyer’s vision for democratized complex claims review and brought it to life. It’s built on the Cortex: our proprietary language model that reads policy like it went to law school.

illustration of Qumis Cortex AI

Frequently asked questions

Does Qumis fully automate coverage analysis?

No. With Qumis, human intervention is always required. Qumis is an AI-powered knowledge platform designed to let you and your team access the right information needed to come to a decision, all without duplicative legal spending.

Do you train using my data?

No. The Cortex intelligence engine has been trained using insurance documents from the public court records. Our data strategy does not need or rely upon your data.

Whose documents can I access?

Your organization’s documents are only accessible by users within your organization. The Corpus is composed of these private documents plus public court filings and coverage documents.

What document formats can I upload?

Qumis currently supports PDFs. We are working toward expanding compatibility for additional file types and integrations into common document management and claims management systems.

Take your policy review to the next level